Why is a new recreation centre being built for Newton?

    In December 2020, Council approved a plan to build a new community centre in Newton as part of the Surrey Invests 5-year capital projects program to meet the growing demand for recreation services in this community. 

    The new Newton Community Centre will be a state-of-the-art facility for all ages. The facility will be built to meet the City’s Sustainability Charter and accessibility initiatives.

    When will the new recreation centre be built/open?

    Community consultation will take place this summer. Construction is planned to begin in 2022/23 and is expected to be completed in 2024/25.

    What guides the development of the new community centre?

    Why was this particular site selected for the Newton Community Centre?

    The site at 6965 King George Blvd was selected because it is large enough to accommodate a community centre that can offer more services and is easily accessed by transit, vehicles and pedestrians. Its central location near the business centre of the Newton community meets our Master Plan goal to have highly walkable communities. This site creates opportunities to anchor both ends of the central hub with important amenities while serving both the west and east sides of King George Highway.

    Why is the Newton Community Centre located in a separate location from the existing Parks, Recreation, Culture and Library campus of services?

    As the City is continually looking at opportunities to expand services and capacity, our real estate division is always looking at new properties and sites that offer potential. This site, which came available recently, fits many of the site requirements and is compatible with the Newton Town Centre land-use plan. The site itself is located within the town centre or central business districted designated central hub of the Newton Community. The site creates opportunities to anchor both ends of the central hub with important amenities while serving both the west and east sides of King George Highway.

    What do we know about the potential for the site?

    Staff are continually reviewing needs and conducting updates to the 10-year master plan and responding to input from residents, public consultations, delegations and stakeholder groups as other projects occur in the community. 

    Currently, what is envisioned long term is a project similar to the size and scale of the Clayton Community Centre that includes a multipurpose community centre and co-location of recreation, culture, parks and library amenities in a campus setting with good accessibility and connectivity through community planning to the amenities on the existing wave pool site. This complements the notion of walkable communities in the transportation strategic plan and the neighbourhood concept and town centre plans for Newton.

    What are the options and limits for the site?

    We are limited by the site capacity and current budget allocation for this phase, but the intent is to explore options for a multipurpose centre that complements recreation, culture and library amenities at the existing location near the wave pool complex. By working together with other funding partners, other levels of governments and agencies, there is more potential and all future considerations are strengthened by community input and contributions and a clear vision.

    What amenities may be included within the new community centre?

    This new state of the art, community hub will be achieved through a multi-phase development with the potential to provide aquatic, cultural, library and recreation services to meet the demand of the fast-growing Newton community.

    The budget that we have now will be used to build a new community centre that will serve as a focal point for the community – all ages and needs.

    The plan is to include a mix of recreation amenities, culture, and library spaces, as we did for the Clayton Community Centre. We are consulting with residents and a variety of key stakeholders to determine the unique needs of the community. The building will be designed so that we can integrate amenities using a phased approach over time.

    Will the Newton Community Centre include a new pool?

    The City is actively pursuing funding from other levels of government to secure funding for a new pool at this location. An estimated $50 million in additional funding would be required.

    What potential is there for expanded library services?

    The Surrey Libraries Facilities Master plan, recently reviewed by Council, (CR_2021-R140.pdf (surrey.ca)) identified a significant need for added size and capacity for libraries in the Newton area. In light of this, staff are envisioning a significant component of this project will include library amenities to complement existing capacity within Newton. Additional community input is needed to help plan a community-tailored space.

    How does the construction of the Newton Community Centre affect the old recreation centre, seniors’ centre and arena?

    The pool at the Newton Recreation Centre will remain operational until funding is secured to build a new pool. Decommissioning the existing pool is currently not a funded project. Other parts of the centre, including fitness areas, gymnasiums and mat rooms are in high demand and will remain operational for now. Newton Seniors Centre and the arena will remain operational.

    Are there any specific plans for seniors’ activities and programs at the new community centre and how will that impact the Newton Seniors Centre?

    There are no plans to change the space or services at the existing Newton Seniors Centre. The facility is functional and will remain operational, so any expanded capacity at the new community centre will complement those services within a new community centre.


    What is the goal of the engagement?

    The goal is to involve the public in the most meaningful way possible so that we can plan a multi-functional space that builds on and strengthens the Newton community.

    How can I let the City of Surrey know my thoughts about this project?

    Find out more about the project and take the survey at https://engage.surrey.ca on August 10th.

    How long is the engagement process?

    Phase 1:
    Summer 2021

    Phase 2:
    Fall 2021 (Concept Design)
    Fall / Winter 2021-2022 (Schematic Design)