What is a Transportation Plan?

    The new Surrey Transportation Plan will be rooted in the community and for the community. It will develop a vision for the Surrey of the future to better connect people and places. It will help the City decide how to prioritize key transportation investments and chart the course for the next 10 years. 

    The plan will focus on five pillars that have been approved by Surrey City Council:

    1. Expand modal choice for a city growing by 10,000 people a year
    2. Prioritize human life above all else
    3. Respond to the climate emergency
    4. Leverage technology and new mobility options
    5. Create an inclusive transportation system

    The Surrey Transportation Plan will:

    • Identify a long-range transportation vision for Surrey beyond 2050
    • Deliver action plans with key projects and initiatives for the next 10 years
    • Develop a decision-making framework for how to prioritize future transportation investments
    • Identify baseline metrics to measure progress toward the long-range vision

    The Surrey Transportation Plan will be a regularly referenced document within the City to help with ongoing transportation planning. Outside the City, it will play an important role in communicating and engaging partners, including other levels of government.

    Why is the City of Surrey developing a Transportation Plan?

    Surrey is a dynamic city and one of the fastest-growing major cities in Canada. Our residents want freedom to move and better connections to the people, places and things they need and enjoy. Planning to get people from anywhere to everywhere is no small task. But we’re up to the to the challenge and ready to rethink how Surrey moves, with a bold new approach.

    The City’s current Transportation Strategic Plan was developed in 2008, and since then a lot has changed. We are developing a new Surrey Transportation Plan so that we have a shared vision of the future and can be strategic in our transportation investments, align community values with transportation planning decisions, and ensure that we have a thoughtful approach to the next decade of transportation planning. What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the transportation choices we make have a direct impact on congestion, emissions and air quality.

    How can the community and stakeholders participate?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we connect with each other at all levels. There are many unknowns around in-person engagement and so we are moving the first phases of this engagement process to online engagement. We will do this through a variety of ways. We want to listen and learn from our community and stakeholders who are going to live the solution so we can make sure the plan fits our needs and sets us up for long-term success. By working together, challenging old ideas and being creative, we can face our transportation future head-on and achieve Surrey’s vision of a thriving, green, inclusive city. 

    We have identified four phases where we will engage with the community and stakeholders and seek input and feedback.