Crimean Linden Tree

by Wendy,
CRIMEAN LINDEN trees are what not to plant in Surrey or anywhere! One was planted by the City of Surrey about 25 years in front of our house and on neighbors lawns down our street. The aphids infest it every year and excrete sticky droplets all summer on our vehicles, driveway, rock garden and plants. We have called and have had many City of Surrey arborists, over the years, come out to tell us this tree should have never been planted in a city, they are fast growing and meant for a windbreak on a farm, but because it’s a healthy tree they won’t cut it down. So everyone hates it!! They have to walk on the street around the sticky mess (dangerous!) or friends and family’s vehicles get covered in minutes. The last thing I was told by the City of Surrey is to collect money from my neighbors to afford the couple thousand dollars we have to pay to have it removed!! I hope no one else gets burned by the City of Surrey like we did, considering there are so many native trees here that are so beautiful. Even though the city has had no problem taking down bigger trees and replacing them down the street in Don Christian Park.
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