Country Roads.

by Reggie,

Along 32nd, just west of KG Boulevard, there are several small acreage holdings. One, on the south side, features a white rail fence. Alongside the fence are several beautiful deciduous trees, I don't know the species, but .... their leaf colours change as the year goes on. Right now, the colour is a brighter fresher green than later on in the summer. In the fall? Deliriously colourful. They are my personal favourites.

One species of which I'd like to see more? Arbutus. They are native, and unique to the West Coast. They have leaves that resemble rhododendrons in shine and shape. But it's the bark that makes them unique, as it is reddish, thin, and constantly pealing. Arbutus trees seem to prefer salt-tinged air, and apparently needs a particular fungus found in the soil where they grow - a fungus/bacteria/something that must go with them if and when they are transported.

I live in White Rock.

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