Sylvan Serenity

by Sally,
In the south Surrey urban forest there are many beautiful trees which provide me with a sense of serenity as I enter. Tall sentry guards at the opening of the trail bring to me a feeling of guardianship and strength immediately as I enter the forest world. Welcoming, this sense of calm washes over me as I pass through the trails. Stretching my neck up I experience full wonder as sunlight trickles and splashes over the branches causing the trees to glow in the backlight. For years I have passed through these trails, running, biking, and now walking. I have brought along my paints, canvases and lunch and have spent the day there. I have come home and recreated my visions in poetry and sketches. Inspired by the birdsong I have paused and witnessed this to be the home of squirrels, ravens, chickadees, hummingbirds, numerous other small birds, woodpeckers, owls and even an eagle I spotted once. Mosses, lichens, mushrooms, rain puddles, snow, frost and the changing leaves of deciduous trees have provided colour and texture to my adventures. I have attended volunteer plantings, bird walks and once, a private forest walk provided by none other than Roy Strang, an amazingly knowledgeable, articulate and inspirational man who also truly loved the forest. I am blessed to continue to engage in these experiences to this day, and am grateful to those who began and continue to protect this sacred and serene sylvan landscape, Sunnyside Urban Forest.
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